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Posted by Wm O'Brien Public Storage on 02 October 2014
 We are a renewable energy services company specialising in installing, maintaining and repairing wind turbines and blades. William O Brien, CEO, promises his full support to you as our new General Manager. Here you will have the freedom to apply your well established leadership abilities in managing our company and directing our long term strategic plans. This opportunity would suit someone with a background in construction and / or engineering. Financial experience would also be useful for this vital appointment. We guarantee you the chance to grow your proven managerial skills through managing clients, people, technologies and colleagues with all the support you need. To take your application to the next stage, please send your CV to margaret@mccarthyosullivan.com  Margaret works closely with William and the board and she will tell you about the next step in your application.

Duties & Responsbility


  • Direct, motivate and lead team
  • Key Role giving focus to everyones effort
  • Set the culture and tone of company
  • Key attributes required are disciplined thought, ability to execute strategy, strength implementing common sense systems and procedures plus an appreciation to detail.                   
  • History of demonstrating these is essential. 


  • Increase turnover and profitability
  • Lead development of business and strategic plans
  • Work with staff to implement business plans
  • Develop company public profile and lead marketing
  • Ensure staff are clear on objectives and supported to achieve same
  • Decide on capital investment decisions
  • Open and maintain high level communications with key accounts
  • Oversee pricing decisions
  • Set company policies
  • Ensure consistency of policies and implementation of same
  • Deal with discipline (where appropriate)
  • Lead health and safety culture
  • Introduce structures and processes to improve efficiency
  • Lead key meeting e.g. management meeting
  • Manage business risk

Skills & Experience

  •  Results oriented
  •  Have a proven track record in implementing the strategic plans as agreed with the board of Directors
  •  Financially astute
  • Good communication skills
  • Business and strategic planning skills
  • Strong work ethic
  • Energetic and enthusiastic


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