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Posted by Wm O'Brien Public Storage on 14 July 2014
  1. Be careful if you wrap your delicate items in newspaper (the print comes off).

  2. Pack plates on their ends wrapped in packing paper. Wrap mirrors and pictures in our picture cartons and stack on their end.

  3. Only use good quality cartons as they may collapse (we stock good quality professional remover cartons).

  4. Make sure cartons are properly filled, as partially filled boxes will collapse if heavy items are placed on them.

  5. Do not overfill cartons - remember you have to lift them

  6. Clearly mark your cartons with its contents and room.

  7. Clean your garden equipment prior to storing and do not forget to drain fuel from any petrol driven items.

  8. We stock wardrobe cartons for your hanging clothes allowing for easy removal of your wardrobe contents.

  9. Use bubble wrap or packing paper for any fragile items (we stock this).

  10. Utilise your space - pack smaller items in hollow spaces (wardrobes, sideboards etc).

  11. Avoid placing heavy objects onto soft furniture or mattresses.

  12. Electrical items, if possible store in their original packaging and remove batteries, if fitted.

  13. If dismantling furniture use a small bag to keep all the bolts and screws together, attach them to the relevant item.

  14. Use boxes to pack small items, bags are not easily stacked and can rip.

  15. Keep all your essential items (handbag, mobile, keys, wallet, credit cards, and medication) in one handy box on the day of move.

  16. It is recommended that a dustsheet be used to cover your effects to protect them against dust.

Our wide range of quality packaging materials is available in store. We also combine some of the most popular items into our storage packs, which save you money. Email or phone in your order and we will have it ready for you to collect the same day.


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