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boxes & packaging

Boxes and Packaging

Packing Boxes: Price:
Export Box  
Size: 630L x 450W x 615H mm €5.85
Large White box  
Size: 400L x 400W x 565H mm €3.50
Small Box  
Size: 301L x 225W x 290H mm €2.30
Medium Box  
Size: 450L x 325W x 230H mm €2.95
Archive Box  
Size: 415L x 330W x 270H mm €4.65
Book Box  
Size: 400L x 300W x 300H mm €2.95
Picture Box  
Size: 760L x 110W x 770H mm €3.50
Wardrobe Box  
Size: 460L x 510W x 1205H mm €17.55
Bubble Wrap: Price:
Size: 50cm wide x 3m long €2.65
Size: 500mm wide x 100 feet long €29.25
Size: 500mm wide x 175 feet long €46.75
Size: 500mm wide x 382 feet long €58.65
Packing Tape: Price:
Standard €2.40
Fragile €4.65
Padlocks: Price:
MC 50 €11.50
C1000 Combination €17.50
Padlocks: Price:
MD 50 €11.25
Gloves: Price:
Standard €5.30
Dust Covers: Price:
Sofa Dust Cover €7.05
King Bed Mattress Cover €7.05
Queen Bed Mattress Cover €7.05
Double Bed Mattress Cover €6.75
Single Bed Mattress Cover €5.85
Chair Cover €7.65
Rope: Price:
Standard €5.20
Packing Supplies: Price:
Markers €1.75
White tack €1.45
Sticky Fixtures €2.35
Steel Scissors €3.50
Brown Paper €2.35
Packing Knife €3.50
Address Labels €2.95
Economy Tape Cutter €5.30
Blu Tack €1.45
Key Chain (5 Pack) €1.80
Stretch Wrap: Price:
Standard €22.85
Tape Gun & Tape: Price:
Standard €20.50
Tissue Paper: Price:
Standard €17.60
Van Blankets: Price:
60x 80 mm €10.55
Loose Fill Foam: Price:
15 cubic feet €46.20
3-4 Bedroom Pack (Save 20%): Price:
2 x extra large double walled boxes  
15 x large boxes  
3 x small boxes  
3 x book boxes  
2 rolls of tape  
1 x packing knife  
1 x marker pen  
1 x roll of bubblewrap  
1 x box of 250 labels  
1 x wardrobe box  
TOTAL €118.00
1-2 Bedroom Pack (Save 20%): Price:
5 x small boxes  
7 x large boxes  
3 x extra large double walled boxes  
2 x rolls of tape  
1 x packing knife  
1 x marker pen  
2 x roll of bubblewrap  
TOTAL €57.00

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