Student Storage

Is it time to put on your backpack and head off on an adventure?

Is it time to put on your backpack and head off on an adventure?

Life is supposed to be full of great adventures, but we understand it can be stressful organising moves between accommodation or trying to transport your belongings back home at the end of term. That’s why at Wm. O’Brien Self Storage we’re here to help!


Choose from our wide range of available storage rooms, from 10 sq ft to larger spaces. We also help students to group together with their friends and benefit from the cost savings of a bigger storage room. Whatever your situation, just contact our experienced team and we’ll be delighted to help out.

Why use our student storage solutions?

  • Head off on your adventures knowing that your belongings are safe and secure until you return. Only you can access your room
  • Cost effective pricing – we know that trying to budget as a student is a tough challenge. Our team of experts will ensure you get the best use of space and you won’t pay for any space you’re not using
  • 10% student discount with valid Student ID
  • As we have no fixed contracts, you can store with us for just a week, the whole summer, or longer. You choose and pay for only the time you need
  • Moving a lot of stuff? Use our free van to move in your belongings
  • On site we’ve got a covered unloading bay and large trolleys for your convenience
  • Handy location – as we’re just off the Bandon Road Roundabout at Bishopstown in Cork, so you won’t have to travel far to move your stuff in our out
  • We know life isn’t 9am – 5pm. 24-hour access to your storage unit is free of charge

Don’t take our word for it...

Joe used Wm. O’Brien’s external storage for his furniture while his house was being renovated. This is what he had to say: “What we’ve really enjoyed is that it’s very secure. We have access all the time. We have access in the evening time.

Two things in particular have been very good. One is that we are able to offload directly from the van into the containers. There’s a lot of manoeuvring space around them and what I didn’t realise before I ever came is We could actually take some of the stuff out, put it outside, unpack our van, and then decide how best to pack it. So we’ve got our containers packed very efficiently. Everything is nice and dry. Everything is safe. We lock up and can come back whenever we want.

Joe Keenan