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Wm. O'Brien Public Storage's first priority is to safeguard the security of your belongings and that is why our extensive range of security and safety measures are second to none.

Please note that in order to maintain our high standards of security we require all new storage customers to provide proof of identity and address.

Red Wall Security System

Infrared alarm system that detects movement of body heat. This triggers an alarm at our central monitoring system which is linked to CCTV

24 hr CCTV

Inside and outside the building including access areas, lift lobby and storage corridor.

Perimeter Security Fence

The Facility incorporates a security fence and computer controlled site access gate protected and accessible only by personalised customer access code.

Twin alarm system

The building is protected with a sophisticated burglar alarm system. In addition, each storage room is individually alarmed and monitored from our reception.

Fire alarms and smoke detectors

Our modern building is equipped with the latest fire and smoke regulation detection systems on every floor.

Wide, well lit corridors with intercom/telephone facilities

Wm. O'Brien Public Storage centre incorporates intercom/telephone facilities system serving each floor and allowing our customers and staff to keep in constant touch.

Your own lock & key

Your storage room is protected by your own padlock and only you have the key.

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