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Google Reviews


Carol Broe, National Council for the Blind of Ireland (NCBI) video recommendation

“Because of space limitations within our stores and having to quarantine donations for a period of 72 hours we found that using Wm. O’Brien Self Storage gives us the advantage that we can continue to accept the high volume of donations we get into the stores from our customers and donors.”



Aoife Durity, Miss Diva Online Beauty Store video recommendation 

“I run an online beauty store. Basically I couldn’t perform this work without the help of Wm. O’Brien Self Storage. As you can see here all my products are stored very safely. I come in every day and look at my online orders. I package them and can leave them with the lads in reception if clients want to click and collect.



Martin O’Driscoll, Chairman, Blood Bikes South – video recommendation

“We operate out of Wm. O’Brien Self Storage. For years they’ve been supporting us. It’s a fantastic location - close to all the hospitals this side of the City. We have 24-hour access - secure location -video secure and a keypad to get in. It’s an absolutely essential support for our charity and I recommend it to anyone who is looking to use it.”


Fiona Corcoran, The Great Chernobyl Cause video recommendation

We’re very fortunate to store our aid here at Wm. O’Brien Self Storage on the Bandon Road. William and his team are great supporters of our cause.

We store everything from diagnostic equipment to furniture, to clothes, all various goods that we send overseas. It’s a fantastic facility and William is allowing us to store our goods free of charge. When we’re sending aid overseas William and his team come together and they have a forklift and they fill the 40 foot containers and we send them over to the people who are in great need. Without this facility where would we be.”



Tim Crowley - Crowley Corporate Services - video recommendation

“We were getting our offices renovated and decided to store with Wm. O’Brien Public Storage.

We found them very convenient and easy to use. I’d definitely recommend using them.”



Dan Cummins - DC Properties - video recommendation

“I use Wm. O’Brien Public Storage because of its central location, 24-hour access. It’s grand and secure and there are cameras everywhere. The guys in the office are fierce helpful . The containers are good, they’re reasonable priced and good value for money."



Celene Collins - Interior Design

"We are a leading Interior Design business in Cork. Using Wm. O'Brien Self Storage has allowed us to undertake large projects as we can control the deliveries ourselves and widen our scope to offer our clients' furniture from UK & Italy.

The staff are a pleasure to deal with - nothing is too much trouble and we can access our goods any time, day or night."


Joe Keenan – video recommendation

Joe used Wm. O’Brien’s external storage for his furniture while his house was being renovated. This is what he had to say: “What we’ve really enjoyed is that it’s very secure. We have access all the time. We have access in the evening time.

Two things in particular have been very good. One is that we are able to offload directly from the van into the containers. There’s a lot of manoeuvring space around them and what I didn’t realise before I ever came is We could actually take some of the stuff out, put it outside, unpack our van, and then decide how best to pack it. So we’ve got our containers packed very efficiently. Everything is nice and dry. Everything is safe. We lock up and can come back whenever we want.


Konstantin Karpous Video Recommendation


“The location is really convenient for me and the management team is very helpful and friendly.”


"It was definitely the location that got me hooked, but over the years it’s the great customer service that encourages me to stay.”


Home Square 

To read the full testimonial from Home Square, click the link or view the video here.


The security that your premises have is state of the art and left us feeling very secure about our belongings being stored there. We would certainly recommend your company and services to anyone contemplating storing their belongings for any period of time.


John Thornton


Your excellent staff members are always exceptionally helpful. Security is amazing, it is like having my items in a bank vault. Cleanliness is simply outstanding, I have to remind myself I’m actually in a storage facility! Plus, the overall management of your facilities is second to none…


Gerry Donovanwww.wheatgrass.ie


I commend your professionalism and customer care. I would have no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone who would use your services…

Jessie Murphy


My time with O’ Brien Storage has been excellent. Any dealings I’ve had with John MacCurtain have been very good and his manner and demeanour has been utterly professional, personal and respectful. I would have no hesitation in recommending this facility to anyone who asks

Dermot MacArdle


Dear William O Brien Public Storage,

I am writing to you today regarding the outstanding service I received upon choosing to store some of my belongings with your company's storage service.

As an international student at UCC, I had to find a place to store my belongings over the summer as the lease to my accommodation did not stretch across the summer.On the 28th of May, I signed up for your storage services and was attended to by John MacCurtain. I was provided with excellent service which also included John having gone out of the way several times just to accommodate my requests. Payment was very smooth over the summer which gave me peace of mind of my belongings in Cork when I was back home in Singapore.Upon collection of my belongings on the 26th of August, my belongings were the way as they were stored and moving out and closing of the necessary accounts was made easily. All this was done smoothly as I was once again attended to by John. Like before, he went out of his way just to satisfy my requests and I can not be more thankful and grateful for his help.Having stored my belongings at William O Brien Public Storage has been excellent and I will definitely look forward to using your service again in the future. I will ensure to recommend your services to other international/Singaporean students who would require a storage space over the summer.Once again, I'd like to thank you for the excellent service you have provided me and also to especially thank John MacCurtain for all his help.I do apologise for such a lengthy email, but I have always believed that good work should not be gone unnoticed.

Warmest regards,
Andrew Tan




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