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Motorbike Safe Storage and Insurance Challenges 


Having trouble getting insurance because you’ve no secure place to park your motorbike? Is riding your motorcycle a hobby reserved for the weekend or holidays? Need a place to put it to rest for awhile?


If you need a safe, secure place to store your motorbike, or can’t justify having it taking up valuable space while not in use, our motorbike storage is the solution for you! Our clean and dry storage spaces keep your bike in top condition until it’s time to hit the road again.

The container park at Wm. O’Brien Public Storage is designed with a focus on convenience, customer service and security. You can drive right into your container with 24/7 security watch and extended hours access seven days per week with your own personal passcode.

Storing your motorbike in our custom containers gives you:

  • Extra security for your bike
  • Protection from the weather
  • Peace of mind with reduced risk vandalism or theft
  • Lower insurance costs (some providers offer discounted insurance costs for people who generally keep their vehicle stored in a secure storage facility)
  • The ability to keep all your motorbike-related items in one place
  • Increased space in your garage

The container park is located at Wm. O’Brien Self Storage, Bandon Road Roundabout Bishopstown, Cork City, just one minute off the N40 (Link Road).

Find out how you can benefit from container storage by contacting one of our storage experts on [email protected]  or calling (021) 454 5582 today!



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